Real Health Benefits of Virtual Reality: Is VR the Answer to Your Workout?

VR exercise may not, at first glance, be seen as the most effective way for someone to train for a marathon, but as the technology improves people are wondering: are there real health benefits to virtual reality workouts? More and more people in the health industry are getting on the VR technology bandwagon.

Physical Health Benefits of Virtual Reality Workouts

There have been unofficial cases of weight loss through VR outside of studies, and also research linking VR to improve hand coordinate and problem solving skills. Thanks to committing to playing a game called Soundboxing on his HTC Vive for 5 months, John Stauffer lost over 50 lbs with VR exercise. A member of the video game industry, Stauffer says he has never been someone who enjoyed the gym, and that he was once over 300 lbs and looking for a way to lose weight besides running.

In an effort to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle, Stauffer tried many video game workout fads that came and went, such as Playstation Move or Nintendo Wii. None worked as he hoped, until he tried HTC vive, which was immediately engaging and simplistic than the other weight loss platforms.

“There was also this added layer of immersion that I thought could help me shut out the rest of the world and focus on just myself and the movements,” Stauffer explained in an interview with Uploadvr. Stauffer also started wearing body weights during his sessions to help aid in weight loss.

“Any movement that gets your heart going for extended periods of time will be supercharged if you add weights on your ankles and wrists,” says Dr. Joseph Mosquera, saludmovil’s co-founder and Chief Integrative Medicine Expert.

“For all the parents that told their kids that playing video games is bad for you, sorry. VR has the potential for fostering mental and physical wellbeing.”

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