Real Telepathy: Medical Mind Condition or Unexplained Superpower


Is Telepathy Real or a Mental Illness?

From mothers who could sense that their children were in danger to cases of twins being able to communicate without ever saying a word, most of us have heard accounts of telepathy — the psychic ability to read another person’s thoughts. But have you ever wondered if these cases of mental telepathy are legit or just fodder for science fiction flicks? Bottom line: is telepathy real?

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Telepathy, which comes from two Latin words, “tele” and “pathos,” meaning “feeling from afar” was coined by Fredric W. H. Myers, founder of the Society for Psychical Research, in 1882. Also known as “thought transference,” telepathy is defined as communication of thought from one person to another by means other than the physical senses.

While the topic of telepathy has been long debated (and disputed), the idea of reading someone else’s thoughts may not be that crazy of an idea. Recent scientific breakthroughs may indicate mental telepathy is more of a reality than we thought.

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