Restaurant Bans Have Big Impact on Smoking Rates

Restaurant Bans Have Big Impact on Smoking Rates

Ever wonder if bans against smoking in bars and restaurants have actually made a difference?

According to a new study, they have.

Smoking bans in U.S. eateries appear to have helped reduce overall smoking rates, especially among people with higher levels of education, the researchers reported.

The study authors analyzed 25 years of data on young and middle-aged smokers in the United States. Among people with at least a bachelor’s degree, the number who smoked fell by about 20 percent if they lived in areas that don’t allow smoking in bars and restaurants.

Such bans were also linked to a reduced risk of someone becoming a heavy smoker, defined as having 10 or more cigarettes a day.

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SOURCE: American Journal of Epidemiology, news release, Jan. 11, 2018

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