Sexual Dysfunction in Women: Is Your Lack of Interest Normal?

Woman not interested in sex

Woman not interested in sex

Sexual dysfunction in women describes a set of conditions that translate into a decreased sexual desire or not being able to be sexually aroused.For many women, love and sex go hand in hand and achieving a satisfying sex life relies, in part, on enjoying good sexual health.

If you have noticed any changes in your sexual performance and interest, the cause could be a sexual dysfunction.

Sexual dysfunction in women and men can cause insecurity, which in turn can lead to problems in the relationship.

Symptoms of Female Sexual Disfunction

A woman may suffer from sexual dysfunction if she is distressed by any of the following:

  • Rarely, or never, wants to engage in sexual activity
  • Avoids intimacy
  • Cannot get aroused or stay aroused during sexual intercourse, even if she wants sex
  • Cannot have an orgasm
  • Experiences pain during sex

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