Shamanism: ancient healing tools for modern times


In our fast-paced, all-tech, hyper-digital, password-centric, bandwidth-reliant world, where robots do things that people used to and apps seem to rule our day-to-day flow, the last words you expect to hear from your friend when you ask for a bit of help is: “I’ll give you my shaman’s number.” But it’s true: shamanism, despite being rooted in some of the most ancient healing traditions, is alive and well today—and more importantly, according to many, it’s a way for us to heal ourselves and our environments.

We listened to a recent lecture by Itzhak Beery, a shamanic teacher and healer who has studied and practiced shamanism for over 20 years, and whose new book, Shamanic Healing: Traditional Medicine for the Modern World, explores ways in which we can tap into, embrace and teach ancient healing modalities right here and now.

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