Does Better Sleep Lead to Weight Loss?

Does Better Sleep Lead to Weight Loss-MainPhoto

Does Better Sleep Lead to Weight Loss-MainPhoto

Sleeplessness could cost you when it’s time to stand on your bathroom scale, a new British study suggests.

People plagued by insomnia who began sleeping more cut the amount of sugary foods they tended to eat, an experiment at King’s College London revealed.

U.S. experts said the findings show that sleep can help foster healthier eating habits.

“We really need to be looking at sleep as one of these lifestyle factors that can contribute to obesity,” said Lauri Wright. She’s an assistant professor of nutrition at the University of North Florida and a spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

For the study, researchers led by Wendy Hall, from the department of nutritional sciences at King’s College, recruited 42 people who habitually got less than seven hours of sleep a night.

Half of the people received a 45-minute personalized sleep consultation, which provided them with tips to improve their sleep. The goal was to extend their sleep by as much as an hour and a half each night. The other half received no advice and served as the control group.

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