Sleeping Well During Pregnancy: Could it Help Prevent Premature Babies?


Insomnia During Pregnancy May Cause Premature Birth

A recent study concluded that insomnia during pregnancy may cause premature birth. According to the study, insomnia during pregnancy may cause premature birth due to the inflammatory processes that are triggered by physical or emotional stress.

Women who experienced sleep disorders during pregnancy had a higher chance of giving birth prematurely than women with a comparable profile (health, ethnicity, behavioral). Based on an observational analysis of nearly 2,200 women with a sleep disorder, 14.6% of subjects had preterm births compared to a 10.9% prevalence among women without sleep disorders, reports The New York Times.

So, is it true that Insomnia During Pregnancy may cause Premature Birth?

According to research, two sleep disorders significantly increased a woman’s chance of premature delivery (37 weeks or less): sleep apnea carried a 40% increased risk, while insomnia was associated with a 30% increase and made it twice as likely that a woman would deliver before 34 weeks. A separate study found that getting less than six hours of sleep each night increased average labor time and the chances of having a cesarean section.

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