Snail Slime: Should the Goo of this Mollusk be your Skin’s Secret Weapon?


Snail Cream: Is it a Skin-Care Miracle or All Hype?

From vampire facials to charcoal masks, there seems like there isn’t much that we won’t do in the pursuit of glowing, youthful skin. Enter snail cream — the gooey goodness from the little slimy mollusks that is also the latest must-try trend in skincare.

First used as skincare by ancient Greeks to treat inflammation, snail slime is a thick fluid that snails produce to protect themselves when in danger. After it became hugely popular on the Korean beauty scene in everything from masks to serums, American markets are now catching on to the slimy beauty craze, with celebs like Drew Barrymore and Katie Holmes praising the benefits of snail cream.

But what the heck is snail extract anyway, and should we be slathering it on our faces? Read on for the lowdown on snail slime skin care — and if the goo is right for you.

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