The Avocado Toast Bible: 10 New Ideas for Your Morning Routine


10 New Avocado Toast Recipes for a Healthy Breakfast

If we had to pick a food MVP for the past few years, avocado toast would win, hands down. Foodies and health nuts alike are obsessed with this dish, and it’s on virtually every breakfast menu, food blog, and Instagram account you follow. But what makes avocado toast so great, and should you be hopping on board the avocado toast train? Yes, yes you should. And we have the best avocado toast recipes to whet your appetite.

It’s no secret that avocados are really good for you. According to registered dietician Megan Ware, RDN LD, tells Medical News Today, “avocado is the only fruit that provides a substantial amount of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA). Avocados are a naturally nutrient-dense food and contain nearly 20 vitamins and minerals.” PS: the avocado is actually a fruit, not a vegetable, in case you didn’t know, and this creamy, rich and delicious fruit is a gift from nature that keeps on giving.

Another huge benefit of avocado toast? There is no wrong way to make it, no wrong time of day to eat it, and an endless array of concoctions, toppings and seasonings to make your avocado toast yummy, beautiful, and really good for you.

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