The Marriage-Saving Magic of Watching Pornography as a Couple


Porn Can Help Relationships: It's True!

You might assume that pornography is a solitary activity; something you do behind closed doors, alone, in secret. Or maybe you would think that if one partner regularly watches porn for sexual satisfaction it can be a real deal-breaker, or at the very least, an obstacle in a committed, intimate relationship. In fact, if you Google “porn and relationships” most of the search results focus on how porn is ruining modern day commitment and killing marriages, one fake orgasm at a time. But relationship and sex experts are arguing that in reality porn can help relationships in a variety of ways. In fact, if you’re going through marriage struggles or you feel unfulfilled with your partner, porn might be the magical ingredient you’re missing. Yes, we just called porn magical. Hear us out.

When you think about porn, you’re probably picturing a single male, watching porn by himself. But that’s not always the case. While porn users are more often men, women also use pornography, and couples often watch porn together as a way to grow closer and enhance their sexual satisfaction. And the results can be really beneficial, not harmful, when you consider how porn affects relationships.

As Psychology Today reports, a recent study conducted by Taylor Kohut and his colleagues at the University of Western Ontario set out to evaluate what kinds of people or couples were using porn, and then investigated how it was impacting their relationships.

They first found that “almost all of the participants reported using pornography alone, but 65% of men and 70% of women also reported using pornography with their partner.” Keep in mind that the study participants were self-selecting and opting to answer questions about pornography use, which explains why the statistics are so high.

In addition, of the 430 people who responded to this survey, most of them claim that there were no negative effects of watching porn, and on the contrary, there were several benefits to their relationships.

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