The Measles are Back: What You Need to Know About This Contagious Repertory Illness


The Measles is Coming Back: What You Need to Know

Measles is most likely one of those antiquated illnesses that you think you don’t need to worry about anymore. After all, there’s a vaccine that protects us from measles outbreaks, right? However, it may surprise you to know that measles is coming back — with a number of outbreaks in the United States — and is likely driven by people who are unvaccinated or undervaccinated, says research.

Once common in the United States, measles outbreaks was eliminated nationally in 2000 but has made a return in recent years largely because of people who reject vaccinating their children, says the new paper published in JAMA Pediatrics. The new findings add to the body of evidence linking failure to vaccinate with the spread of the highly infectious viral illness that can have serious complications for pregnant women, young children and those who are immunosuppressed.

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