The Mosquito Update: 2 Dangerous Species Predicted Across the U.S.


Once upon a time your biggest concern where mosquitos were involved was getting a pesky (and super itchy) bug bite. Don’t get us wrong; they were annoying. But more recently, mosquito-transmitted diseases such as Dengue Fever and Zika Virus have become a real threat to people across the globe and in certain areas of the United States. And just when you thought we were possibly in the clear and that the mosquito threat was dissipating, a new mosquito virus and 2 dangerous new species of mosquito are predicted to threaten the U.S. Let’s get right to the facts.

How do Mosquitos Spread a Virus?

Mosquitos are small flies that bite their host, drawing blood and potentially passing that blood to its next host. While in most cases it’s not really big deal, you just end up with irritated skin and a super itchy bump, if that mosquito happens to be carrying a dangerous virus, such as Zika, then the negative effects go far beyond a small bite. The virus can then enter your blood, which can impact not only you, but if you are pregnant, it can affect your baby. In the case of Zika, if you are pregnant these mosquito bites can affect your fetus and can cause serious birth defects. And a new mosquito virus is now on experts’ radars as we look ahead.

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