Throat Hocking: Why are Some People Phlegmier Than Others?


Why Are You Always Coughing Up Phlegm?

If you find yourself constantly coughing up phlegm you’re probably a little embarrassed and a lot confused about what is going on in your throat. Why so much mucus? What causes phlegm? Why does there seem to be an endless supply of mucus in your body while your husband/wife/best friend/dog walker has none? So many questions, and so many misconceptions. When it comes to coughing up phlegm, it’s time to get some answers.

So let’s start with the basics: what is phlegm? Phlegm is the sticky, gel-like mucus that can drip down the back of your throat, and that you cough up when you are sick. Phlegm is when your mucus becomes thicker and more excessive as the direct result of your body fighting off an illness or infection. Phlegm is a buildup of mucus produced by the lungs and respiratory system, and it can lurk in unfortunate places like your nose, throat and chest. But what causes throat mucus and is it the sign of a problem?

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