VIDEO: Hispanic Parents: Easy Tricks to Get Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables

Mom getting her kid to eat more vegetables

It’s a timeless battle almost every parent encounters: getting children to eat more vegetables.

Like it or not, vegetables don’t have the flavorful appeal of many other foods, making them a difficult sell, especially for children who are already picky eaters.  So what’s a frustrated parent to do?

Mom getting her kid to eat more vegetables

 Tricks to work vegetables into a child’s diet

As more evidence emerges about the importance of a diet rich in produce, frustrated parents everywhere are wondering how to get kids to eat more vegetables. Thankfully, working vegetables into a regular diet isn’t as difficult as it may seem.  

saludmóvil has compiled a list of tricks for parents, based on recent research:

Cut vegetables into shapes

Parents might be limited in what shapes a carrot can be cut into, but research published in the journal Appetite shows children are more likely to reach for vegetables cut into interesting shapes, like stars.

Add vegetables into everyday foods

Penn State researchers found adding pureed vegetables into favorite foods like pasta and casserole dishes was an easy way to get a child to eat more vegetables without he or she knowing.

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