Treating Peanut Allergies with (Wait for it) Peanuts


Even the smallest trace of peanuts can lead to a serious reaction in those with a peanut allergy, which is why the standard advice from doctors usually has included limiting expose allergy-susceptible kids to peanuts until age three. However, now the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is backing science that says adding a small amount of crushed up peanuts to your child’s food may prevent allergies in the future, and may even work as a peanut allergy treatment.

For the first time, the FDA has approved language to be put on specific food manufacturers’ labels, alerting parents to research that suggests introducing peanuts to certain babies may actually reduce the risk of them developing a peanut allergy.

“Along with the information that you currently see on food labels, which disclose when a food contains peanuts or peanut residue, the new advice about the early introduction to peanuts and reduced risk of developing peanut allergy will soon be found on the labels of some foods containing ground peanuts that are suitable for infant consumption,” FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb said in a statement on the agency’s website.

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