Using IUD After Birth: Will it Affect Breastfeeding?


Do a Levonorgestrel IUD and Breastfeeding Go Together?

Some women find that insertion of a hormonal IUD immediately after birth is the right choice for them but may be concerned about the interaction between a levonorgestrel IUD and breastfeeding. After all, health professionals recommend holding off on other forms of hormonal birth control for at least six weeks postpartum since taking hormonal birth control before a mother establishes her milk supply can disrupt the process. Despite these recommendations, combining a levonorgestrel IUD and breastfeeding is considered safe and will not have negative side effects.

Birth control pills that contain high levels of estrogen can decrease a mother’s milk supply. However, the interaction between levonorgestrel IUD and breastfeeding does not have the same effect on milk production as birth control pills since hormone-releasing IUDs do not contain estrogen. (Levonorgestrel, instead, is the same hormone present in emergency contraceptive pills.)

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