VIDEO: Jobs that make you gain weight: Avoid them to stay fit!

We live in a time where there are many jobs that can be done behind a desk. A lot of these jobs also imply going through a lot of stress. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine: “Everyone feels stressed from time to time. Not all stress is bad. All animals have a stress response, and it can be life-saving. But chronic stress can cause both physical and mental harm.”

The lack of physical activity contributes to bad health, and people with these jobs can have long workdays that last as much as 12 hours. This doesn’t allow time for people to do exercise, lead a healthy lifestyle and be active, and that can all lead to obesity.

Some of the reasons people gain weight when they work in an office is that they tend to overeat due to work stress, they eat fast food instead of homemade food, they skip some meals, they are sedentary and they don’t drink enough water.

Jobs that make you gain weight

Here’s our list of the jobs that, due to their nature, make people easily gain weight. Find out if yours is in the list.

  1. Travel agent
  2. Judge or lawyer
  3. Social worker
  4. Teacher
  5. Artist, designer, architect
  6. Administrative assistant
  7. Physicist
  8. Protection services such as: Policeman or Fireman
  9. Marketing or public relations
  10. Information technologies professional

If your job is on the list, don’t panic just yet. This doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to be fat and unhealthy. There are plenty of things you can do to keep yourself active and eat healthier. If you manage your time better, you can find some space in your day to fit in a daily walk, for example.

You can also drink more water and do yoga to improve your circulation, among many other things. The best thing is that you can do everything from your office and even from your desk, so don’t worry, you don’t have to switch jobs.

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