VIDEO: Masculine secrets: 18 secrets men want you to know

You may be one of those who think: “All men are the same”, a saying with negative connotations that is usually used when a guy does something wrong or when he does something that goes against what society would say is right.

However, there are many things that you probably don’t know about men, and the reason is that there are some things that they don’t tell even to their partners.

So here we have brought you 18 masculine secrets that you need to consider, especially if you’re currently engaged in a relationship with a member of this gender.

1. Men talk indirectly about their feelings

Yes, for most men it’s easier to talk indirectly about their feelings, so you can ask them how they felt in a certain situation, and that way you’ll find out how they feel about you.

2. Men say “I love you” without words

When a man loves someone, he will most likely show it with actions rather than saying it with words. Something as simple as cleaning the house could be a sign to tell you he loves you. So just remember that he has a different way to express how he feels.

3. Men DO take commitment seriously

Women think that men are afraid of commitment, however, many men take marriage seriously. So yes, this kind of men does exist.

4. Men DO listen

This is another common belief about men: That they don’t listen. Well, you should know that they do. If your partner doesn’t answer when you talk to him, this probably means that he just wants to listen to you and doesn’t want to interrupt.

5. Doing activities together strengthens the relationship

Men like doing activities with their significant others, this helps strengthen their relationships.

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