Your Sex Life: 20 Ways to Liven It Up

Sex. It’s one of the most intimate, fulfilling and fun ways to enhance your life, your relationship and your self-satisfaction. It also happens to be a major source of anxiety, insecurity and frustration for many people. Maybe it’s all the pressure to perform, maybe it’s the concerns about STDs or unwanted pregnancy, or perhaps it’s the fact that the media makes it seem like an orgasm is just a flirty glance away. No matter what the reason, sex can be stressful. Which is why you need to know how to liven up your sex life, how to improve your sexual performance, and above all, how to get that spark in your sex life again.

If you’re a little underwhelmed by your sexual encounters, you’re not alone. Recent studies have indicated “more than 40% of women will have sexual difficulties at some point in their lives.”  For women, sexual difficulties can include everything from an inability to reach orgasm to difficulty becoming aroused, and it is a real problem for many women.

Or maybe you’re not suffering from sexual dysfunction, but you’re a new mom and it’s been a long, messy, exhausting day and you don’t feel sexy. Perhaps you’ve been with your partner forever and you’re getting bored with your sex life. Maybe you’re insecure about your stamina in the bedroom. If you feel like your sex life could use a little more heat, and you’re ready to boost your libido and make sex hotter, we’ve got you covered.

After all, sex is supposed to be fun! It’s one of the most natural and healthy ways to feel intense pleasure and joy. And learning how to have a healthier sex life will not only make you feel more self-aware, but it can also help you strengthen your connection with your partner. And the benefits don’t stop there.

A healthy sex life not only feels really good, but it’s also really good for you. Regular sex can reduce your risk of heart disease, can help prevent migraines, increase your sense of contentment, can reduce stress and for women, it can strengthen your pelvic floor.

It’s time to discover how to have better sex, and how to feel more fulfilled in your sexual encounters. Here are 20 ways to liven up your sex life.

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