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The word cancer causes fear and panic amongst most of us, but here at saludmovil TM and within this cancer resource center portal, you will find ways to help prevent most cancers, because yes, it’s true, today most cancers can be prevented and to do this what you need to do is to change your lifestyle and take better care of yourself through nutrition, exercise and integrative therapies.

In this portal, you will be able to learn about symptoms, risk factors and statistics of each known type of cancer, so that you can be prepared to detect this disease and treat in on time. Remember that the sooner cancer is detected, the better.

The ten main symptoms that can tell you that you may be suffering or developing cancer are:

  1. Frequent cough, difficulty to swallow or chest pain. If you experience any of these symptoms you could have lung, larynx, pharynx or thyroid cancer.
  2. Abnormal bleeding. If you bleed between periods or you find blood when you cough, in your feces, urine or nipples, you could be developing cervical, rectal, lung, bladder, kidney or breast cancer.
  3. Frequent fever. It can be a sign of leukemia or lymphoma.
  4. Losing weight without a diet. If you lose more than 5kg, then this could be a sign of pancreatic, stomach, esophagus or lung cancer.
  5. Persistent tiredness. It could be a symptom of some cancer like leukemia, colon or stomach cancer.
  6. Abdominal swelling for more than two weeks. This could be signaling ovarian cancer.
  7. Skin changes, bruises and wounds that don’t heal. Growing, aching or bleeding moles can be symptoms of skin cancer, and any wound that won’t heal after four weeks can also be a symptom of cancer.
  8. Constant joint pain. This could be a sign of bone cancer.
  9. Lumps or hardness in any part of the body. This could be indicating the presence of cancer.
  10. Changes in evacuation habits. Drastic changes in your evacuation habits like sudden constipation or diarrhea can be a sign of colon cancer. If you urinate with a different frequency from before, this can be a symptom of bladder or prostate cancer.

We hope and invite you to join us at saludmovil TM to learn how to prevent and detect cancer and make your health a priority.

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