Your Go-To 2017 Wellness Cheat Sheet


So, you’re into the latest wellness and health trends. You’ve consumed 800 acai bowls and eaten irrational amounts of goji berries. You’ve sprinkled chia seeds on everything. You’ve burned sage and Palo Santo, sometimes both at once. You bought crystals of every shape, and guzzled smoothies of every color. You’ve broken your own spinning record. You’ve dominated acro-yoga. You’ve floated in a sensory deprivation tank. And you drank a lake’s worth of lemon water. Now what?

Lucky for all of us, the wellness world is a like a living thing, constantly growing, morphing and evolving, at every turn revealing yet another hot new thing that’s meant to, in one way or another, improve our lives.

With so much newness constantly unfolding, staying healthy and up to date can these days feel like a part-time job—so we thought we’d streamline your life by giving you a 2017 go-to wellness cheat sheet.

Happy Healthing!

Health trends for 2017: Which ones are for you?

1. Fitness Festivals

If you don’t see yourself naked at Burning Man any time soon, but you love the idea of a large-scale gathering focused on health and healing, the fitness festival craze has got your name all over it. From yoga-centric fests like Wanderlust to those geared to just mountain biking (pun intended!) like the Vermont Mountain Bike Festival, the wellness festival circuit has it all.

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