When Superfoods Meet Ice Cream


I scream, you scream, it’s safe to say that every last one of us screams for ice cream. July is National Ice Cream Month, which means you officially have an excuse to dig into an ice-cold bowl of heaven every day. But let’s assume for a second that as much as you love ice cream (we’re with you), you are also trying to be a little bit responsible about your diet and protect that summer bod you worked hard to achieve (still with you). Good news. Scratch that. We have GREAT news. Superfood ice cream is a thing, and the creamy, delicious dessert you adore has recently been given a nutritious makeover.

Everywhere you look people are falling in love with healthy ice cream, and for a really good reason. The new ice cream flavors being scooped out are the perfect marriage or healthy and indulgent. Which means that you can finally cool down with a sweet spoonful (or 20) without the guilt.

It’s time to treat yo’self. Superfood ice cream is about to become your newest obsession and your favorite summer dessert.

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