Is Your Job Killing You? How to Deal with Workplace Stress

Stressed man at work

Is your job killing you? Dealing with Work Stress

For millions of Americans, workplace stress is a common issue. In fact, you may be dealing with work stress so often it’s become the normal routine for you.

Before you resign yourself to a career filled with anxiety and worry, you should know there are ways to manage this stress, and you should take control before your health suffers the consequences.

How common is job stress? The American Psychological Association (APA) notes people experience stress at work so frequently that 65% of employees consider workplace stress the number one stressor in their lives, and at least one-third of Americans experience chronic stress on the job.

This means the majority of working individuals are suffering negative physical and emotional responses due to poor matches between the job and the needs, capabilities, and resources available to the worker.

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