X Marks the G-Spot: Mapping Your Erogenous Zones


X Marks the G-Spot: Female Erogenous Zones

Female erogenous zones can be found on the body where nerve endings are concentrated — and not just areas that are related to sexual utility. Stimulation of your erogenous zones can heighten your sexual satisfaction, whether or not they lead you to climax. Keep in mind that not everyone finds the same areas erogenous, and each zone may be sensitive to different modalities of stimulation.

Accurately mapping your erogenous zones should be a thorough, intimate, and enjoyable process that you can do together with your partner — or even on your own.

Here’s a Head-to-Toe Guide of Female Erogenous Zones


Your favorite part of going to the hair salon might be the scalp massage you get — and that’s because your scalp is rich in nerve endings, making this one of the unsuspecting female erogenous zones according to Healthy Women. Having your head stroked or hair lightly pulled might activate some of these nerve endings to heighten the other sensations you’re experiencing during lovemaking.


Ears have a high concentration of nerve endings, making them one of the classic female erogenous zones. Just don’t stick anything in the ear canal.

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