Your Epic Hangover: 15 Science-Backed Ways to Cure and Prevent Them

In hindsight, maybe that fifth (or tenth) shot of tequila was a bad idea, but now it’s too late because the queasiness and pounding headache is setting in from an epic hangover—but before you reach for a greasy breakfast and a Bloody Mary to calm your symptoms, you may want to try some hangover remedies that have science (and experts) on their side.

Our Best Ever Hangover Remedies

Coffee and Aspirin

This newly touted best hangover cure duo is the result of a recent study which found that the caffeine in coffee and anti-inflammatories in aspirin counteract the headache-inducing effects of alcohol.

Asparagus Cleans Your System

Not the most appealing hangover nosh, but Korean researchers have found that the amino acids found in asparagus are a good source of breaking down alcohol, preventing the toxins from it to stay in your system too long.

Pickle Juice to Hydrate

Sure, sounds pretty weird (and gross) but pickle juice contains vinegar, salt, and water—all which can help rehydrate and replenish electrolyte and sodium levels in your dehydrated body.

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